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Soul Sisters Catering Inc. is a social enterprise run by Souls Harbour’s women’s addiction program – Shayil Home.  It is incorporated as a non-profit, under the umbrella of Souls Harbour Rescue Mission.  As part of the Shayil Home program, our women participate in Soul Sisters to learn new skills, build confidence, work as a team, and bank some money for when they graduate from the program.  Every dollar of revenue goes towards funding Shayil Home or paying the women back for their work.

It costs the Mission $98.90/day for one woman to participate in the program at Shayil.  The program runs on 100% donations – we receive no government funding.  It’s important to us that women can have access to life-changing programming for free – Soul Sisters contributes directly to this conviction and cause.  Currently, Soul Sisters generates revenue in three ways:

  • Soup Sales (through Local & Fresh in Regina; The Wandering Market in Moose Jaw; A&D Fresh Market in Pilot Butte)
  • Quarterly Take-Out Items and Meals (Cinnamon Bun Day, Pizza Day, etc.)
  • Catering Services

It’s an amazing initiative – whether you buy our homemade soups, order pizza, or book us for a catering event – every bite you take is helping fight poverty, addictions, and homelessness in your community!  Thank you!