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Image depicting Shayil Home: Josie

Shayil Home: Josie

I was born and raised in Manitoba. My grandmother and grandfather raised me because my mother wasn’t ready to be a mother, and I lived in a house with them and 2 Uncles and 2 cousins. My uncles were alcoholics and very abusive. There was a lot of physical, verbal,…

Image depicting Shayil Home: Gayleen

Shayil Home: Gayleen

Growing up as an only child in Regina, Gayleen struggled to discover who she was. She had a very difficult childhood due to her relationship with her mother, who was involved in several abusive relationships that included persistent drug and alcohol abuse. Gayleen was abused both physically and emotionally during…

Image depicting Shayil Home: Corina

Shayil Home: Corina

Corina had a very challenging childhood. Her mother was a severe alcoholic who she believes suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Corina’s life was unstructured and lacked any stability as her mother was very unpredictable. Drinking binges turned her mother from a protective, nurturing and caring mother into somebody that was…

Image depicting Samaritan Project

Samaritan Project

This was our dilemma; our current soup kitchen and men’s shelter located at 1836 Halifax Street was rapidly coming to the end of its life. The maintenance costs for this building were escalating, it’s over a 100 years old, and it’s already been ‘revived’ on a major scale once. In…

Image depicting Rodney


Let me introduce you to Rodney. Rodney is 47 years old. He grew up on a farm near Colgate Saskatchewan (just South of Weyburn). When I talked to him, he told me that he loved farming! We first met Rodney through our men’s emergency shelter. Rodney had started staying with…

Image depicting Shayil Home Graduate - Niki's Story

Shayil Home Graduate – Niki’s Story

Please read Niki’s Handwritten Story.

Image depicting Russell


RUSSELL IS NO LONGER HOMELESS! Russell is 74 years old. He’s been coming to our men’s emergency shelter for about 20 days now. Russell has some challenges; his pension income is very limited, some people took advantage of him, his feet are in really bad shape (surgery needed), he’s still…

Image depicting Shayil Home: Eileen

Shayil Home: Eileen

EILEEN – graduated from our women’s addiction program almost 2 years ago. Today she continues to remain clean and sober, she’s working and off of social assistance, she attends church, and she continues to pursue her GED. Her future plans still remain the same, to become a youth worker and…