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As a single mother of five beautiful children, life hasn’t always been easy for Stephanie. From the Northeastern Saskatchewan community of Cumberland House, she faced issues with bullying, stealing, drugs and alcohol at an early age despite coming from a supportive family.

At the age of fifteen, the young man that Stephanie was dating tragically took his own life. This experience caused her to become suicidal and abuse alcohol. She did not see an end to this cycle.

At the age of eighteen, a new relationship blossomed between Stephanie and a man that helped improve her outlook on life. They began dating, fell in love and were inseparable. They started a family together but trust issues soured the relationship. Stephanie stayed in this unhealthy relationship for years while surviving off of social assistance. After this relationship ended and her children were apprehended for the third time in one year, Stephanie knew she needed a change.

Shortly after, Stephanie entered Shayil Home. She learned about herself and that self-worth and humility are good tools to stand by. After a discussion with a member of the Shayil Home staff, Stephanie gave her life to Jesus. This gave her the strength to complete the program.

“Before I came to the program I wasn’t a really good people person. I wasn’t good at making friends and I didn’t know how to express my feelings. When I came in, I was welcomed.”

Since completing the program, Stephanie continues to be a supportive mother. She has entered a GED program and will look at entering SIAST after that. She wants to own her own business within the next seven years.

“I’ve learned not to push things and just to wait for what comes my way because God has a plan for his hard workers in this world. I know I will keep fighting for my sobriety and on the hard days, I choose to never give up hope.”