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RUSSELL IS NO LONGER HOMELESS! Russell is 74 years old. He’s been coming to our men’s emergency shelter for about 20 days now. Russell has some challenges; his pension income is very limited, some people took advantage of him, his feet are in really bad shape (surgery needed), he’s still grieving the death of his wife, and he’s all alone! This New Years Eve we were able to help Russell get a new beginning. We moved him out of the shelter and into his own place where he’s safe, warm, and no longer homeless! We blessed him with some groceries, some small appliances, a new bed, bedding & clothes, and so on. He had nothing! He was overcome with emotion many times throughout this whole process. He is very grateful!


A few days ago I posted a story on Facebook about Russell not being homeless anymore. The response and feedback was amazing. So many people came forward wanting to help him out if they could. Today Russel is 75 years old so we celebrated! It was fun to get together and celebrate like a family, and the cake was awesome too. ? He looks so different clean-shaven and all. And it’s so nice to know that so many of you care! Thank-you so much for that!