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November 17, 2017. A crazy whirlwind day indeed! That was the day I had my open heart surgery which consisted of 7 by-passes, ya … that’s right, seven! What can I say? It wasn’t expected or planned, as I was only at the hospital to have some tests as I’d been having some significant health issues over the last few months. Well, the truth be known, even a while longer than that.

I thank God for his grace and mercy! For his amazing healing (no complications at all), and for ‘rescuing’ me again! At 53 years old, and with a family history full of heart issues, this was my Christmas miracle. Over the first few days after surgery, and then throughout the Christmas season, the Lord’s love and care was clearly evident in many ways. Today, I am well on the mend, and actually getting ready to go to Mexico on an all inclusive 5 star resort get-away that Nancy & I won. What a huge blessing! I’ll definitely enjoy the warmth.

Anyway, I wrote this poem on December 19th. It came to me during my morning devotions and prayer time, as I was being overwhelmed by God’s goodness and presence. I hope you enjoy it. He is my Lord and savior!

 137 Staples
Tuesday morning … and here’s what I see
Stockings hung by the fireplace,
And presents under the tree.
A poinsettia in the window.
“Hark the herald angels sing.”
This is my gift, given to me
From the giver of life,
… Such a beautiful thing.

137 surgical staples
Titanium and stainless steel,
But 23,000 more breaths each day.
23,000 and 1, and yes … this is real.

Isaiah 38, and the king has fallen ill.
Oh how he weeps, and hear how he cries?
Sackcloth, and the rising of his “offering of whys”
And then … his prayers have been heard
The word is spoken and the sun stands still!
And more time was given.
To laugh and to smile,
And to walk once again
In the land of the livin’

“So this is Christmas and what have you done,
Another year over and a new one begun.”

137 staples
Titanium and stainless steel,
Breathe deeply, exhale, and yes … this is real.

Tears of joy and peace on earth!
They come like a warm summer’s rain
That flows from deep within.
Cutting the contours of my face,
Hanging from my chin for a moment in time,
Like a ‘sun standing still’,
Then falling …

And a sky of blue through my window,
And a myriad of trees that reach to that sky.
Like limbs stretched upward in praise.
Have you ever cried for fresh fallen snow?
And a raven floats by, with a destination in mind?
No …  just ‘Rider of the Winds’ with nowhere to go.

“You are enthroned between the mighty cherubim”
“You alone are God of all the Kingdoms”
“You alone created the heaven and the earth”
And the king wrote a poem …
Penned from the palace.
Penned from his home.

137 staples
Titanium and stainless steel,
I’ve counted them twice
And I know this is real.

But what is this vision that I now see?
I see an old man in a chair by the sea.
Perhaps it’s a lake? Waves on the water,
Wind in the trees, and there’s that raven again.

He sits alone, remembering love lost, and days gone by.
The wind is strong and there’s a storm in the air.
It’s as if time stands still, and a doorway opens.
He remembers the blond haired blue eyed boy,
Climbing up the banks of the river.
He thinks of the children, the arrows in his quiver!

15 more years, and more time was given.
15 more years, in the land of the livin’

137 staples
Titanium and stainless steel,
But not like nails through hands and feet.
… And the king wrote a poem.